Closure of the College Due to Adverse Weather and Other Conditions

When inclement weather threatens, the President of the College or the designee will make any necessary decisions to cancel classes, delay classes, or totally close the College and all its operations. The decision will be announced on the WayneCC Alert system (text, e-mail, phone, website) and on area radio and television stations. Every attempt will be made to have the announcement published by 6:00 a.m. on the day of the closing or delay. If the College is already operating when inclement weather forces such a decision, WayneCC Alerts will be used, as well as other campus communications and public media, to announce the decision.

Decisions regarding closings and delays will be made on a day-to-day basis, taking into consideration local conditions as well as weather forecasts. Often, decisions about evening classes are made independently. In those cases, every attempt is made to announce decisions by 3:30 p.m. If the main campus is closed, all on-campus and off-campus activities are canceled.

If classes are delayed, the announcement will state the time the College will open. In times of inclement weather, radio and television stations will normally only make announcements about delays or cancellations. Therefore, the absence of an announcement means that the College is operating on a normal schedule. The fastest, most reliable means for getting these announcements is via WayneCC Alerts.

Course content missed due to the College closing will be made up as outlined in each department’s business continuity plan and will be communicated to students electronically or when classes resume. Make-up assignments must be equivalent to the material that would have been covered during the missed class(es) and must be approved by the appropriate instructional supervisor. For classes with critical amounts of contact hours (such as aviation, BLET, nursing clinical, etc.), make-up classes will be scheduled at the discretion of the Department Chair.