Personal Safety

Safety Tips

You are the key to your personal safety and the safety of others. By following the precautions listed below, you can substantially decrease your chances of becoming a crime statistic.

  • BE AWARE - Recognize your vulnerability.
  • REPORT all suspicious persons, vehicles, and activities to Campus Police immediately at (919) 739-7050 or call the switchboard by dialing ext. 0 on campus phones.
  • PROTECT your personal property. Keep your car locked at all times. Never leave valuables where they can be seen in your vehicle; lock them in your trunk. Do not leave any personal property lying around such as books, book bags, purses, or electronic devices.
  • KNOW the location of emergency call boxes, which are in most parking lots.
  • PARTICIPATE fully in the “WCC Alert” warning system by maintaining current e-mail, text, and phone contact numbers (all college e-mail accounts are automatically enrolled). The alert system is capable of delivering messages to web, e-mail, voice, and text messaging.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes are located in most parking lots and near the tennis courts. They are located on light poles and each has a blue light indicator. If you need a Campus Police Officer, push the red button on the emergency call box and it will automatically notify Campus Police about where you are and let you communicate directly with the Campus Police Officer who is responding to your call.

Escort Services

Campus Police can be contacted for assistance at any time. Officers are available to escort students, staff, faculty, and visitors to and from any building and parking lot on campus. If assistance is not requested, we suggest walking with a friend rather than alone.