Student Clubs and Organizations

Wayne Community College encourages students to be active in affairs of the institution. Through student clubs and organizations, students will find opportunities for entertainment, friendships, leadership, and service to the College and community.

All student clubs and organizations must be approved by the Student Activities Coordinator and the Student Government Association (SGA). Each student club and organization must meet and adhere to the guidelines established by the SGA and the Office of Student Activities. Any student club or organization failing to observe such rules will be subject to appropriate sanction including having its charter suspended.

In order for a student club to be approved by and afforded membership in the SGA, the following stipulations must be met:

  1. Maintain an active membership of at least 6 activity fee-paying students.
  2. Maintain a functional constitution which:
    1. assures against discrimination based on race, color, creed, handicap, age, sex, or national origin, and
    2. does not violate College policy or local, state, or federal laws.
  3. Maintain at least two active faculty/staff advisors who have been approved by the Associate Vice President or his/her designee.
  4. Submit a list of club officers to the SGA and Student Activities Coordinator annually with updates during the year if changes occur.
  5. Perform at least one SGA-approved on-campus and one off-campus service project per academic year.
  6. Student clubs and organizations must maintain bank accounts, through the Wayne Community College Business Office.
  7. Student clubs and organizations must submit a Presidential Report to the SGA by the second week in April.
  8. Student club and organization representatives must attend SGA monthly meetings as specified in the Bylaws.
  9. Student representatives cannot officially represent multiple student clubs or organizations at SGA monthly meetings or official club activities.
  10. SGA officers can only officially represent SGA at the SGA monthly meetings (although they can be members of other student clubs and organizations).
  11. Student clubs and organizations who meet all of the above stipulations are eligible for club seed money.

The following are Wayne Community College student clubs and organizations that have indicated they will be active in the 2021-2022 academic year - pending official approval. Students should contact the advisors to learn more about the student clubs and organizations.

  • Associate Degree Student Nurse Association Level I
  • Associate Degree Student Nurse Association Level II
  • Criminal Justice Club
  • Dental Assisting Club
  • Dental Hygiene Club
  • Fishing Club
  • Forestry Club
  • Honors Club
  • Human Services Club
  • LGBT Club
  • Multicultural Club
  • Network Club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Pharmacy Technology Club
  • Practical Nursing Club
  • Victoriam Gaming Club
  • Wayne Community College Association of Nursing Students (WCCANS)
  • Wayne Community College Future Leaders of the World (WCC FLOW)
  • Wayne Community College Society of American Foresters