College Programs

In keeping with its mission of meeting the educational, training, and cultural needs of the communities it serves, the College offers the following educational programs:

  1. Associate degree programs.
  2. Diploma and certificate programs.
  3. Transitional skills programs for college and career offer individuals instruction to increase their ability to (a) read, write, and speak in English and perform mathematics or other activities necessary for the attainment of a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent; (b) transition to postsecondary education and training; and (c) to obtain employment.
  4. Workforce Continuing Education occupational extension programs (providing courses for adults to update or gain new skills for the workforce).
  5. Community service programs (cultural enrichment, workshops/seminars, leisure, and recreation).
  6. Wayne Business and Industry Center (workforce development and business counseling, education, training, and technical services for area businesses and organizations).