Prerequisites are requirements that must be met before students can enroll in a specific course. This prerequisite may be a class that is required before registering for the next level or it may refer to placement test scores that are required before registering.

Students must comply with catalog requirements. Courses may not be taken until all prerequisites have been met. There are occasions in which exceptions to this regulation may be deemed desirable and necessary. The appropriate Department Chair and Dean of the division in which the course is offered must approve such exceptions in writing.

Exceptions to the course prerequisite are the following:

  • Developmental prerequisites may be fulfilled by an appropriate placement test score or appropriate high school GPA;
  • Visiting students who have written documentation from their college/university to enroll in a specified course that has a prerequisite;
  • Students with an associate or higher level degree who enroll in beginning college level courses (e.g. ENG 111; PSY 150);
  • Students who have life experiences that are deemed equivalent to or supersede the prerequisite; a reserved review of course level outcomes would occur and be maintained in the student’s records;
  • Students who successfully complete a course that has a prerequisite would not have to take the prerequisite (example, a student who completed PSY 150 with the local prerequisite of DRE 098 would not have to take DRE 098).
  • Credit by exam may be used to meet prerequisite requirements.