Limited Admission Programs (Allied Health)

Students seeking admission to limited admission programs must complete a separate application and meet additional admission requirements and specific application dates. Application Policies and Procedures packets that include program-specific admission process information for each limited admission program are available on the WCC website

Applicants to the Allied Health programs must compete for space due to the nature of limited enrollment restrictions. A point system is used for selecting students for each program.

The information in the Application Policies and Procedures packets for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 supersedes all previously published information. Applicants to limited admissions programs are advised that any attempt to conceal information, supply false information on an application, or manipulate the admissions process will, when discovered, result in the immediate withdrawal of any offer of admission to any limited admissions program. If discovered while the individual is a student in a limited admissions program, such actions will result in dismissal from the program. The following programs are limited in the number of students who may be admitted each year:

Associate Degree Nursing (Registered Nursing)

Practical Nursing

Dental Assisting

Dental Hygiene

Medical Assisting

Medical Laboratory Technology

Pharmacy Technology