Students who have not enrolled for a period of five years or more must request readmission status through the Office of Admissions and Records. Students who have not been active for a period of less than five years will complete an Update Form with Counseling Services. Students who have been suspended for disciplinary reasons may request readmission after the term of suspension has expired. These students will be required to consult with the Director of Counseling Services and the Associate Vice President of Academic and Student Services prior to registration.

The following items must be completed by the applicant for readmission to a curriculum program:

  1. Application for admission (includes Residency Application or valid RCN number)
  2. High school transcript or equivalent (students that have received an associate degree or higher, as verified on an official college transcript, are exempt unless applying to a limited admission program or receiving financial aid or veterans benefits)
  3. Placement test, if necessary
  4. Official transcripts from all previous colleges (unless student signs exemption form waiving access to financial aid, veterans benefits, transfer credit, and eligibility for admission to allied health programs)
  5. Acceptance interview

Applicants for readmission to limited admissions programs (Allied Health, BLET) must meet the current admissions requirements for the program.