Career and College Promise (High School Dual Enrollment)


Career and College Promise (CCP) is a tuition-free program that provides seamless educational opportunities for eligible North Carolina high school students to dually enroll in community college courses in order to accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, or associate degrees. Career and College Promise is designed for students who attend public, private, or non-public schools. To be eligible for enrollment a high school student must meet state-wide mandated criteria. Qualifying students may select, depending on set state criteria, the College Transfer Pathway (CT) and/or Career and Technical Education Pathway (CTE). Students who are enrolled in a Cooperative High School have different eligibility requirements and criteria than that of public, private, or non-public schools.

Career and College Promise students may only enroll in approved college courses providing admissions requirements have been met and completion of course prerequisites have been met.

Career and College Promise students earn college credit by attending college-level classes. Depending on the high school schedule, students must be enrolled in at least one high school course, excluding summer term.

The cost of tuition is waived for Career and College Promise students who enroll in curriculum level courses. Students are responsible for paying student fees and purchasing textbooks and supplies. However, textbooks (not supplies) for curriculum classes may be provided to the student through an outside source depending on the availability of funds. 

Career and College Promise students are not permitted to enroll in pre-curriculum courses or courses in the following limited admission programs: BLET, Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory, Pharmacy Technology, or any other Allied Health Program.